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9 Best Places to Swim in Switzerland

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When summertime is in full swing and the mercury rises to the top of the thermometer, the best place to cool down is one of the many rivers, lakes, swimming holes and water parks.

Find out where are the most dreamy and fun places to swim in Switzerland.

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1. Silsersee 🌊 Grisons, Graubunden

Sitting peacefully in the Upper Engadin Valley, Lake Sils (Silsersee) is one of the best-known lakes in South-Eastern Switzerland. 

Its clear waters and quiet surroundings are only bested by the mountain peaks you can enjoy up-close while swimming. 

Our tip: besides cooling off in the beautiful water, you can also enjoy water sports like paddle boarding, as well as excellent hiking trails nearby. Explore the whole region.



2. Caumasee 🌊 Flims, Graubunden

Caumasee is a beautiful alpine lake near Flims in the canton of GRaubunden. Because it has a smaller surface compared to other lakes, swimming here feels like an exclusive treat in a place just for you.

Explore Caumasee's beautiful tourquoise-to-azure waters by swimming, rock jumping, or paddle boats. Check all your options here to fully enjoy one of the best places to swim in Switzerland.

Our tip: the lake is a bit chilly at an average temperature of 16ºC, so we advise that you wait for a hot day in the height of summer to enjoy it. It's the perfect getaway to help you cool off.



3. The Three Ponds (Drei Weieren) 🌊 St.Gallen

The pond area in St.Gallen is one of the most beloved leisure spots for locals. Overseeing the city, these ponds are an oasis of quietude and connection with nature. Learn more here.


4. Valle Verzasca 🌊 Locarno, Ticino

It's hard to describe the magic of Valle Verzasca and why it's one of the best places to swin in Switzerland, but we'll do our best.

Verzasca is a beautiful river near Locarno which carves its way through the dreamy landscape of Ticino. After walking across the much photographed Roman's Bridge, you can lounge on the rocks next to the refreshing river and take a dive. As you can see in this clip, people are loving it:


5. Aare river 🌊 City of Berne

Even if it's summer, we don't have unlimited days off to spend at the pool. So the Swiss came up with an ingenious solution: open river swimming, most famously in the Aare (Bern). As you will discover, this has become part of the Swiss lifestyle. An urban area became one of the best places to swim in Switzerland: fast, convenient, fun, and makes for a non-polluting means of transport. How cool is that? :) 

Winding through Berne, there are several spots where you can hop in the river. The currents can be strong, so take care and wear a floatie (also known as Aare bag), if needed. This is how it's done:


6. Bellerive Plage 🌊 Lausanne

There's plenty to enjoy at this beach in Lausanne: open-air leisure center built in the 30's with an Olympic pool, the gorgeous backdrop of Lac Leman, and supervised swimming activities for children. 

Surrounded by trees, lawns, mountain peaks and a gorgeous lakefront, the Bellerive swimming pool is a great place for families to enjoy swimming.


7. Lauerzersee 🌊 Lauerz, Schwyz

This little lake overlooking the Rigi Moutain is perfect for families, as the water tends to be a bit warmer. It also has an outdoor swimming pool (seebad) and plenty of other activities by the lakeside.


8. Emme river 🌊 Trubschachen, Berne

© Bern Tourismus By-Line: du Fresne

The Emme River winds through the Emmental Valley. For an exciting day out, head to Trubschachen to taste cookies at the Kambly Factory and then cool off at a beautiful swimming hole off a garden path. Find out more inspo here. 


9. Yvonand 🌊 Yvonand, Neuchâtel

Miss the sea? Head to the sandy beach at Yvonand on the Lake Neuchâtel.


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