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This is the essential platform for all internationals living & working in Switzerland. Always see what's ahead and stay focused. That's MyJourney.

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We've poured years of relocation experience into creating MyJourney, because your life as an international in Switzerland should be easy and fun. With the support of relocation experts, we've identified key steps to tackle, added wisdom to help you do things on your own and selected top providers to give you a reliable choice when you need it.

Why should you follow 'MyJourney'?

Get a complete overview

All you need to do is clearly laid out in MyJourney, as tasks you need to tick off. We made sure it covers critical steps, so there's no surprises and you don't lose sight of what's important. 

Stay focused

Our clear and simple task system shows you exactly what to do next. Follow the breadcrumbs and tick off the tasks you complete. 

Choose what you need

For each task, you can either read the HOW-TO GUIDE and get the knowledge to do things on your own or GET THE SERVICE and book a service with one of our trusted providers. 

Here's how MyJourney works: 

Ready to start using MyJourney to super-charge your planning?

  • Create a free account in four easy steps. As you sign up, you'll choose your current living stage, from Research, Relocate, Living or Leaving.

  • Go to MyJourney to see all tasks in your selected living stage.

  • Tick off any tasks in MyJourney that you've already completed. 

  • For uncompleted tasks, choose either the HOW-TO GUIDE or GET THE SERVICE.

Relax knowing that you're efficient with your own valuable time, you haven't forgotten anything, you've avoided mistakes, you're fully compliant, and you're free to enjoy your experience instead of dealing with admin hassle.

Is anything confusing or complicated? Here's how to reach us:

Your feedback will help us improve our platform for other internationals in Switzerland as well, so don't be shy, do get in touch.

Our customers think...

«The site looks great and is easy to use. It took me some time to get the guides vs services difference, but once I figured it out it was great, such a time-saver.»

Gary, Living

«I got so much clarity and perspective following the tasks in the Leaving section. It made me feel, hey it's not as bad as I thought. I was really afraid at first, I would get lost in all the things I have to do before I leave, but with this clear path, you definitely are in control.»

Andrea, Leaving


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