How to choose your GP in Switzerland
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How to choose your GP in Switzerland

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If you've just landed in Switzerland, you might need a bit of time getting your head around the very important topic of health insurance. You have some time (3 months after your arrival - to be more precise), so no stress there. Yet. Once you figure this out, or rather, as you figure this out, you'll see that you have a choice between various insurance models, namely with a GP (General Practitioner or Family Doctor) or without. 

The easiest and most cost effective way is to go for the GP model. Which brings us to this article's main question: how to go about choosing your GP?

As a foreigner in Switzerland you will need a GP who probably speaks English, you'll need to know how good they are and there are also some other issues you might not have considered. 

Our healthcare partner, Hirslanden, the largest private hospital group in Switzerland is happy to help you find an English speaking GP in your area. 

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Get help finding a GP

How to choose your GP in Switzerland, basic need-to-knows

The best and simplest way to go about choosing your GP is to request a list of approved doctors from your health insurer. Don't be afraid to ask your neighbours for opinions or recommendations. 

As a rule, try to find a GP that's close to your home

Make sure the opening hours are quite generous (but be aware that, based on the immutable Murphy's law, medical emergencies happen on weekends and when your GP's practice is closed). 

Be prepared to be turned down - some GPs might not have capacity to accept new patients

Know that in case you need to see a specialist, the GP model makes it mandatory for you to visit your GP first. Your GP will then recommend a specialised physician. 

Expect to pay around CHF 100 for a GP consult - a detailed invoice will be submitted to your health insurer. (Extremely detailed in fact, as the first few minutes are billed differently versus subsequent minutes). 

The fee for a GP consult is usually considered as part of your contribution/ franchise, so expect to pay it yourself. 

In case you need medication, know that your GP can also provide it and offer it on the spot (usually, but not always, depending on the stock they have available). They will invoice you later, it is not a gift. But it saves you a pharmacy trip and it will cost the same as you would pay in the pharmacy, so don't hesitate to take it. 


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