Cruise in style on Lake Lucerne
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Cruise in style on Lake Lucerne

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Tired of the usual sightseeing tours? Discover two options that are stylish, adventurous, and unique. Yacht your way among the scenic views of Lake Lucerne, enjoy exquisite meals, and get ready for the adventure of your lifetime.  

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Taking a boat cruise on the picture-perfect Lake Lucerne simply checks all the right boxes: you have amazing views, a lot of Zen and a little bit of adventure for the adrenalin-rush seekers, great food - all things considered, it's an unforgettable experience. 

Here are some great ideas for two amazing boat trips on Lake Lucerne and the surrounding area, the first for the more adventurously inclined and the second for the more laid back: 

The Golden Round Trip: discover the most beautiful spots around Mount Pilatus

Take a boat cruise in style on the peaceful waters of Lake Lucerne, explore the lake and the impressive nearby mountain, Mount Pilatus

The Golden Round Trip starts and ends in Lucerne and will have you on a boat, cogwheel train, cable car and small gondolas before you reach the summit of Mount Pilatus. Get ready to discover a breath-taking corner of Switzerland - all in a single day. 

You'll start the Golden Round Trip in Lucerne, by boat, then, in Alpnachstad, board one of the steepest cogwheel trains in the world to get to top of Mount Pilatus, at 2.132m above sea level.

This is what we mean when we say one of the steepest cogwheel trains in the world © SGV/ Lake Lucerne 

The Golden Round Trip includes a voucher for a meal at any of the lovely restaurants at the top of Mount Pilatus, either the stylish self-service Bellevue restaurant or in the belle epoque Pilatus-Kulm restaurant built in 1890.

For the return trip to Lucerne, you'll take the impressive Dragon Ride cable car to Fräkmüntegg, where you have several reasons to stop for a while: 

Fun, action, and adventure at Pilatus Rope Park 

Pilatus Rope Park in Fräkmüntegg is the largest rope park in Central Switzerland and possibly the most fun. The highlight of the park is a free fall from 20m not many dare to take.

What's really great about this rope park is the special section for small kids, aged 4 to 8 years, called PILU, where kids learn to brave out the heights thanks to the park's mascot, the dragon Pilu. 

Pilatus Rope Park is one of the best in Switzerland © Pilatus

After the rope park, you'll head back to Lucerne in a panoramic gondola, to Kriens and then on to Lucerne by bus.

Our tip: If you have kids, don't miss the huge Pilu Land adventure park, at the midway station Krienseregg, between Fräkmüntegg and Kriens. 

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And now for our second trip suggestion, for the more laid back:

Cruise Lake Lucerne in style: from luxury yachts to nostalgic paddle steamers

If you're not up for the Golden Round Trip and its five different means of transportation in one day, then a boat cruise on Lake Lucerne is probably the equivalent of a day at the spa - only the views are much better.  

You'll have to choose between the many impressive ships available.

For a taste of luxury and a feel of the Côte d'Azur, board the impressive MS Saphir panorama - yacht. With such unique features like the convertible roof on the upper deck, aqua terrace on the main deck or the custom-built furniture, the MS Saphir is utterly impressive.

The stylish MS Saphir panorama - yacht © SGV/ Lake Lucerne 

In addition to luxury yachts, Lake Lucerne has an original fleet of five paddle steamers, all dating from the early 20th century. A must for all Jules Verne and steampunk fans.

Steam paddle boat on Lake Lucerne with a view of Mount Pilatus © SGV/ Lake Lucerne 

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