Experience Autumn's Best Views at Gornergrat
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Experience Autumn's Best Views at Gornergrat

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Escape the now foggy and soon-to-be grey Swiss cities and enjoy the world’s most famous mountain during this enchanting time of the year. Yes, we’re talking about the Matterhorn, also known as the Toblerone Mountain. Admire its splendour from the Gornergrat ridge.

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Welcome to Zermatt, where golden-yellow larch forests embrace the picturesque mountain village. Experience the awe-inspiring beauty of nature, the tranquillity of the mountains, and of course, the iconic Matterhorn, the most photographed mountain in the world. Don't forget to indulge in the famous Swiss chocolate inspired by this majestic peak and capture incredible photo opportunities.

From Zermatt village, take the Gornergrat Railway, Europe's first fully electrified cog railway, and make your way up to the Gornergrat ridge. Enjoy panoramic views from 3,089 metres above sea level, as well as seeing the Matterhorn at all points across the journey.

This year, Gornergrat Railway is celebrating its 125th anniversary, which makes it an extra special time to visit. Join exciting events, take advantage of discounted tickets, or participate in the photography competition for a chance to win two Zermatt-Gornergrat return tickets every month.

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Fantastic views on the way to the peaks around Zermatt © Gornergrat Railway


Hike through Gornergrat’s Autumn Scenery

Gornergrat is popular with outdoors fans and families alike – and autumn is no exception. As the Gornergrat Railway takes you up to the top, you can be flexible and leave or board a train at any of the four stops along the way.  

This gives you plenty of time to wander around the many hiking trails - from quick strolls towards impressive viewing points to longer and more strenuous hikes. The hiking area begins right at the valley station in Zermatt at 1,600 m and goes up to the summit at 3,100 m high.  

No wonder you will be able to admire an amazing variety of landscapes and flora: rocky areas, alpine meadows, mountain lakes and the Arven pines in the forests.  

Adding to the charm, mountain lakes reflect all the impressive forms carved out by nature, from glaciers to deep gorges.

 The Gornergrat Glacier is another must-see while at Gornergrat © Gornergrat Railway


ZOOOM the Matterhorn - See. Feel. Marvel. An interactive exhibition

If the spectacular autumn colors are not enough, wait until you step inside “ZOOOM the Matterhorn – See. Feel. Marvel. An interactive exhibition”.

At ZOOOM, you and your family encounter a true adventure world: periscopes showing the route of the first ascent on Matterhorn, 3D cinema to experience the hurricane-force autumn storms, or augmented reality that take you on a breathtaking paragliding flight exploring the whole Matterhorn region.

Immersing in the Matterhorn world at ZOOOM the Matterhorn © Gornergrat Railway


Step into 'ZOOOM the Matterhorn' interactive exhibition for an up-close look at one of Switzerland's most iconic landmarks - included with your ticket price if Gornergrat is the start or end station of your ticket.

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The Picture-Perfect Autumn Sunset at Riffelsee Lake

If the weather is fine, make sure you stop by the Riffelsee, a 100-meter long and 50-meter wide mountain lake. It is only a short, 10-minutes walk from the Rotenboden station.

When there is no wind, you can witness the perfect reflection of the Matterhorn onto the water. What a backdrop!

The perfect reflection of the Matterhorn on Riffelsee © Gornergrat Railway


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Leave the city fog behind and enjoy the mountains

It's no secret: autumn in Switzerland is best in the mountains. But there are so manyo other places that shine in the fall. Let us surprise you with our selection of autumn destinations in Switzerland. 

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