How to spend an incredible summer week in Région Dents du Midi
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How to spend an incredible summer week in Région Dents du Midi

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Portes du Soleil is probably the biggest cross-border ski region in Switzerland, right on the French border. There’s no ski lover in the world who does not know about Portes du Soleil or Verbier, the most famous destinations in the area.

But if you're new in Switzerland, chances are you’ve not yet heard of Région Dents du Midi. If that’s the case, you're in for a treat: breathtaking views over 3,000m peaks, a lot of outdoor activities - countless reasons to spend at least a week in this alpine paradise. Let’s discover the main summer attractions in Région Dents du Midi.

Find out more about Région Dents du Midi

Get to know Région Dents du Midi

The Dents du Midi, The Teeth at Noon if you're looking for an exact translation, are a chain of mountains spreading along 3km in the Swiss canton of Valais. The region has 6 important resorts, well known for winter sports, as well as summer outdoor activities: Champéry, Champoussin, Les Crosets, Morgins, Troistorrents and Val-d'Illiez. Région Dents du Midi is also part of the famous Swiss-French ski domain, Portes du Soleil. 

Let’s discover the main attractions in Région Dents du Midi in summer and see what are the most sought-after activities here.

Hike & trail running with breathtaking views

The mountainous landscape of Région Dents du Midi and Portes du Soleil is simply irresistible for sports and nature lovers. If you're less familiar with the region, prepare to be amazed: countless routes and trails criss-cross the area over passes and through valleys between Switzerland and France - when it comes to walking and hiking in Région Dents du Midi, you'll enjoy more than 800 km of marked trails with exceptional views. 

Our hiking tip

The charming village of Morgins is a treasure trove of amazing hiking trails: try the light and lovely Morgins Bridges trail, then pass by Fontaines Blanches to admire the beautiful waterfalls. You can walk further up and have a lovely lunch at La Tovassière, a beautiful simple restaurant with amazing views and great, authentic food. 

For trail running fans, in search of a good challenge, have a look at the Trail Running Portes du Soleil experience where you choose your itinerary from easy walks to multi-hour hikes. 

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Welcome to bike heaven

Riding down to Champéry by the Milk Trail, a famous part of the Grand-8 itinerary © Région Dents du Midi/ Julie Rebaudo / JB bieuville

Région Dents du Midi is the mountain bikers' paradise, with over 600 km of marked trails across Portes du Soleil and 21 lifts equipped for bike transport. If you're a true MTB fan, then maybe you've already registered for the Pass'portes du Soleil MTB, in which case you're a fan of the region for life. 

From expert to amateurs and families, from MTB bikes to e-bikes, you'll find hundreds of amazing bike trails in Portes du Soleil. Experienced mountain bikers can choose from 50 professionally shaped downhill tracks, 5 bikeparks and various trails and circuits, while amateurs and families also enjoy numerous less challenging paths with mountain lakes, historic alpine chalets and gorgeous views along the way. 

Our tip: Get your hands-free chip card, the MTB liftpass, to be able to use the 21 lifts in the region with your bike. 

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Canyoning & Via Ferrata in a magnificent alpine setting

Via Ferrata in Région Dents du Midi © Litescape Media

Région Dents du Midi is an immense playground for mountaineering and rock-climbing. Countless climbing routes and high alpine hikes offer endless panoramas over the surrounding Alps. 

The Via Ferrata de Tière provides the thrill of mountaineering with the protection of a harness and cables. Have a look here at more climbing activities

In Champéry, the Chavalet River is a perfect spot for canyoning. The well-equipped canyon is safe for beginners but also offers plenty of fun water slides, jumps and rappels for the most courageous. Recently equipped, the Roc Coupé Canyon in Grand Paradis is another hot canyoning spot, which is nothing short of spectacular. 


Discover the rich local culture and traditions

Visit a traditional farm in Région Dents du Midi © Niels Ebel

Learn about life on an alpine farm and actually lend a hand

Do you want to get to know an authentic alpine farm up close? You can visit a farm in Champéry and actually get to work for one afternoon: help bring the herd in, milk the cows, feed the rabbits and chickens and other daily farm tasks. Find out more and book your visit here

Visit a traditional bell foundry 

The Perrin family in Champéry is one of the last families of traditional bell-founders in Switzerland. In their workshop, they have twenty different moulds in which more than 9 generations have poured their metal alloy, made from a secret, ancestral recipe. Find out more and book your visit here.

Where to stay, where to eat and where to have a great beer

Where to stay in Région Dents du Midi

Have a look here at all types of accommodation available in Région Dents du Midi, from mountain refuges, to backpacker lodgings, from luxurious spa hotels to authentic chalets and take your pick. 

Our tipHotel Plein Ciel in Champéry, perched on the mountain side. You'll have these gorgeous mountain views...

Rustic feeling and impressive views at Hotel Plein Ciel © Région Dents du Midi

Where to eat in Région Dents du Midi

Between 19 June and 12 September, you can take part in the Trophée Des Alpages competition/ game. If you have your game card, you can collect stickers from the partner restaurants every time you have a meal there. On 20 September there will be a prize draw and among the prizes are a ski weekend for 2 people in the Région Dents du Midi! Find out more here

Trophée Des Alpages - let the Alpicurean games begin! © Région Dents du Midi

Our tip: Restaurant Le 42, in Champéry. The chef, Antoine Gonnet, earned his first Michelin Star in 2020, only 2 years after opening the restaurant, proving his culinary skills and talent. The restaurant also has a magnificent terrasse offering a direct view of the Dents du Midi.

Just a hint of Chef Gonnet's artistic constructions © Région Dents du Midi

Where to have a great beer in Région Dents du Midi

The 7 Peaks brewery is THE craft brewery in Morgins. They've developed a range of 7 beers inspired by the 7 Dents du Midi peaks. If you're looking for speciality beers and an authentic taste, this is a must do.

7 beers for 7 Dents du Midi peaks  © Région Dents du Midi

One last tip: get your Multi Pass this summer and have access to 120 free or discounted activities throughout the Franco-Swiss Portes du Soleil area. If you're staying one night or more in Région Dents du Midi, you receive a pass for free to enjoy all the activities. Find out more here

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Main article photo: Enjoy the last moment of the day, walking back to Champoussin © Région Dents du Midi