The Olympic Museum in Lausanne
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The Olympic Museum in Lausanne

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The Olympic Games is arguably the most emotional sporting spectacle. From the aspiration of athletes to stand atop the podium on the world’s stage and the national pride with every parade and anthem, to the deep disappointment of a wobble or millisecond and sense of accomplishment that comes with the weight of gold, silver or bronze, The Olympic Museum captures it all. Feel the pulse of the champions, relive moments of intensity, and experience the people who made the impossible possible. 

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A trip to The Museum is ideal for a family excursion and appeals to everyone whose enthusiasm for sports ranges from Olympic Games spectator to fan-club president. With over 1500 exhibits and temporary exhibitions that change every year, The Museum offers an emotional journey through the most moving stories in Olympics history.  

On your marks, get set, go 

The journey through the greatest Olympic moments begins with the recently extended and improved Olympic Park. In front of The Museum, Pierre de Coubertin’s statue greets visitors and the Olympic flame burns in a cauldron – its home between Summer and Winter Games – inscribed with the motto “Citius, Altius, Fortius” (Faster, Higher, Stronger). Inside The Museum, visitors can explore three floors of permanent exhibitions that capture the essence of modern Olympism: the Olympic world, the Olympic Games, and the Olympic spirit.  

The Olympic World

“The Olympic World” is the first theme presented as a constantly expanding permanent exhibition. Visitors learn how the event began as a simple concept and became a part of society, starting with the Games of antiquity followed by the modern Olympic Games as we know them today. The history of the Olympic Movement is displayed on an interactive timeline and visitors can discover the iconic torches that carried the flame around the world to the host cities for every edition since 1936. 

The Olympic Games 

The stories of Olympians make up the lifeblood of the Games. On the second floor of The Museum, visitors can explore the careers of the greatest champions and get up-close and personal with memorabilia such as jerseys and equipment that Olympians actually used in competition. The third most popular display at The Museum showcases the gold, silver and bronze medals from each edition since 1896.  

The Olympic Spirit

In the third permanent exhibition of The Olympic Museum, visitors get answers to questions about what it takes to become an Olympic gold-medallist, what life is like in the Olympic Village and what it feels like to win… or lose. In exclusive video clips, you can feel the joy, drama, teamwork, motivation and frustration that distinguish sporting spirit.  


Current exhibition: Free to Run

Between 11.05.2023 – 03.03.2024, the Olympic Museum invites you to “Free to Run”.

This multimedia exhibition experience explores the extraordinary world of marathons and long-distance running. Discover the evolution of the marathon in an interactive way, from its first appearance at Athens 1896 to the Mass Participation Marathon at Paris 2024. 

Besides visiting the exhibition, you can attend dedicated events, talks, guided tours and much more! The exhibition is presented in French, English and German.

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The Truce Wall from London 2012

The tradition of the Olympic Truce, or “Ekecheiria", dates back to the 9th century BC in Ancient Greece as a period during which war and conflict were halted to allow for safe travel to and from the ancient Olympic Games. As part of the commemoration of the Olympic Truce, it is traditional for the host country to present a resolution to the United Nations (UN) calling for a truce during the Olympic Games. Today, the Olympic Truce represents the IOC's aim to inspire peace through sport. Athletes and officials are invited to show their support for the Truce by signing the wall. The Truce Wall erected at the London 2012 Olympic Games marked the first time that all 193 UN Member States united for a call for peace during the games. And that exact Truce Wall is part of the permanent exhibition at The Olympic Museum.  


Use Serena William’s locker, or Shaun White’s 

While you explore The Museum, you can keep your valuables in a locker. Every locker features the name of an Olympian and the colour of the medals. There are 216 names to choose from, representing 216 athletes from the Summer and Winter games. Find your sports hero and borrow their locker while you visit. 


💡 Our Tip: Take the Guided Tour

On the first Sunday of every month, starting at 11 am, The Olympic Museum opens its doors for a guided themed tour. Hear fun facts and athlete stories together with wonderful Olympic tales about friendship, solidarity and respect.

This activity is held separately in French, German and English at different starting hours, so make sure you check the schedule and register online. 

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Do you have what it takes to be an Olympian?  

After travelling through the brightest highlights of the Olympic Games, it’s impossible not to feel inspired – and perhaps even a bit sporty. The interactive area “Olympism in Action” section is where you can test your speed, strength and reaction times… and compare them to the Olympic and world records. Who knows, maybe your shoes will be displayed at The Olympic Museum in the future.   


TOM Café - A café with breathtaking views

Do not leave the Museum without visiting the TOM café on the top floor of the Olympic Museum. Its contemporary, colorful décor has a distinctly sporty theme. The café has one of the most sought-after terraces in the whole of Lausanne, offering spectacular views over Lake Geneva and the Alps. 

Check out the Tom Café


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