Why Arosa is the perfect winter getaway
Discover Arosa in winter

Why Arosa is the perfect winter getaway

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If you're a fan of winter, Arosa is the place to be. Guaranteed snow and a smorgasbord of winter activities is what you'll find in Arosa, this small jewel nestled in the thick forests of Graubünden.

Discover Arosa in winter

Looking for guaranteed snow? Head to Arosa

Arosa, in the magical region of Graubünden, has several unique advantages that make it an absolutely spectacular winter destination. If you’re looking for guaranteed snow, long hours of sunshine, fresh mountain air and a myriad of winter activities, you’ll definitely find them here. Don't believe us? Take a look at the webcams and see for yourself. Arosa is covered in snow and looks absolutely gorgeous!


What's there to do in Arosa in winter

Well, pretty much everything and anything. Arosa's landscape is so impressive and wild, from gorgeous mountains to beautiful snow-covered forests. Skiers have 225 km of impeccably prepared and sun-soaked slopes to ride on.

Plus, there’s every imaginable winter activity available for ski-shy folks. From winter hiking, snowshoeing, ice-skating, paragliding, ice-stock shooting, curling or riding on romantic horse-drawn carriage – you won’t get bored here!

Arosa in winter is beyond magical © Arosa Tourism

If winter hiking is your thing, then you won't want to pass up a trip to Arosa, which offers more than 60 km of picturesque trails through an alpine paradise. Plus there are plenty of inviting chalets and cozy restaurants along the way for some much needed rest or refuelling - perfect after taking in the views from one top-notch panoramic viewpoint after another. And if that wasn’t enough motivation – just think about how amazing those crisp mountain air vibes will feel as soon as you arrive in Arosa…

Pack up your gear and hit the trail. We guarantee you'll be blown away!


Our top tips for beautiful winter hikes in Arosa


1. Amazing views guaranteed: Hike to Prätschli – Rot Tritt –Scheidegg

The Prätschli trail is the perfect path through nature to escape from everyday noise and stress. With its breathtaking views of Prätschalp, it's hard not to take your time exploring this trail on foot. Bring a snack and enjoy the peace that comes with open forests as you travel alongside Lake Prätsch before arriving at Scheidegg - guaranteed blissful relaxation awaits...

Special tip: Visit the “Sennerei Maran” and take home a local specialty as a souvenir.

Check the trail and plan your hike here.

Enjoy the wonderful views Arosa has to offer in winter © Arosa Tourism


2. Animal encounters: The Squirrel Trail

Get ready to be charmed. Spend a magical family day on the Squirrel Trail, where you can hand-feed these fluffy creatures up close. Make sure you have some raw hazelnuts with you!

Check the trail and plan your hike here.

Feed the squirrels on the Squirrel Trail  © Arosa Tourism


3. Photospot included: The Arosa – Litzirüti – Langwies trail

Set off on an adventure through the snow-covered forests of Arosa and explore a winter hiking trail along the Plessur river. Don’t miss: a view of the famous Langwies viaduct.

Check out the trail and plan your hike here.

The Langwies viaduct looks impressive from afar © Arosa Tourism


4. For connoisseurs and gourmets: The Arosa – Arlenwald – Carmennahütte – Innerarosa hike

Take a stroll along the snow-blanketed trails of Arlenwald and Arosa Lenzerheide ski area on this lovely winter hike. Walk through lush pine forests from Prätschli to Sattelalp and enjoy the sun and the food at the impressive Carmennahütte.

Check out the trail and plan your hike here.

Enjoy your lunch with a view at Carmennahütte © Arosa Tourism


5. The romantic hike: The Langwies – Sapün – Heimeli trail

Are you looking for a unique and exciting adventure? Come explore the wild and romantic Sapün Valley in Langwies, where majestic gorges tower above ancient bridges. Enjoy strolls through charming villages and gaze upon spectacular icicles as you pass by burbling streams — the sight will take your breath away. 

Our tip: Spend the night there or go down sledging after a dinner at the hutt.

Check out the trail and plan your hike here.

Discover the beautiful Sapün Valley © Arosa Tourism


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Off-the-beaten-path tip: Arosa Bear Sanctuary

© Stiftung Arosa Bären / VIER PFOTEN

This is the first bear sanctuary in Switzerland, and is a home for up to five bears rescued from poor living conditions. Take a break from snow fun and visit these wild furry beauties.

Check this website for opening hours:


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Discover Arosa in winter


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