Spectacular Hiking Trails

Spectacular Hiking Trails

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Gear up and let the hiking season begin! Take in the fresh air and marvel at Switzerland's stunning hiking network. Read more about our top picks, 3 spectacular long distance trails to suit reluctant hikers, as well as passionate ones.

These are Switzerland’s best hiking routes

Here are our top picks for the most spectacular long-distance hikes in Switzerland: from the oldest and most gentle hike, the Jura Crest Trail, to the wildest and most straining, the Alpine Passes Trail, pick your favorite trail and start exploring Switzerland's amazing natural beauty.

Each hike spans over several stages. You will find detailed information on each stage so you can pick the stage(s) that appeal to you the most and start exploring.

Jura Crest: The Gentle Hike

Sunrise at Creux du Van, stage 10 © Switzerland Tourism/ Tamara Fehr

Established in 1905, this is Switzerland's oldest hiking trail, linking Zurich and Geneva in a sweeping arc. Running through two linguistic regions, this long trail boasts beautiful views and a varied landscape.

With its 15 one-day stages, the Jura Crest Trail has much to offer. Here are some unmissable experiences:

  • Climb up the countless steps of the Roggenflue and enjoy the breathtaking views of the Swiss plateau (stage 4)

  • Hike up the Creux du Van before sunrise and experience the imposing rock cirque at dawn (stage 10)

  • Enjoy the view of the Lac de Joux from the Dent du Vaulion (stage 12)

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Via Alpina Trail: The Classic Hike

View of Oeschinensee, stage 14 © Switzerland Tourism/ Kevin Wildhaber

This trail takes you once through the northern Alps of Switzerland in a series of 20 daily stages. Its 14 Alpine passes and great variety of Alpine culture, flora and fauna are the fuel of any hiking enthusiast's dreams.

Here are some unmissable experiences along this trail:

  • Enjoy the sunset on Engstlenalp, there is a wonderful mountain panorama (stage 9)

  • Discover the Sefinenfurgge descent (stage 12). The landscape here seems like a scene from Lord of the Rings, truly impressive.

  • Climb to Bunderchrinde Pass (stage 14) and be rewarded with a spectacular view of the Kandersteg Valley and its beautiful lake, Oeschinensee, breathtaking! 

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Alpine Passes Trail: The Wild Hike

Hiker at Heremence, stage 21 © Switzerland Tourism/ Matyas Fabian

It takes an incredible 34 days to hike from Chur through the southern Alps to Lake Geneva. The spectacular mountain trail takes hikers over 32 passes.

Here are some unmissable experiences along this trail:

  • Hear the marmots whistle in the Greina Plateau (stage 4 & 5)

  • Take in the beautiful sights of the Balfrin Panorama Trail (stage 16): mountain peaks and snow-covered glaciers as far as the eye can see.

  • Reach Col de Prafleuri, the highest pass of the trail (stage 22). You can usually spot families of ibexes along the road

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Main photo - A view of Lake Dix along the Alpine Passes Trail, stage 21 © Switzerland Tourism/ Matyas Fabian