Temporary Accomodation in Switzerland: All you need to know
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Temporary Accomodation in Switzerland: All you need to know

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There are many options for temporary accomodation in Switzerland. From fully serviced and furnished apartments to sublets or Airbnb, take your pick.

Follow these expert tips, as despite the wide range of options, temporary accomodation may not be easy to find on your specific terms. 

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Setting the right expectations for temporary accomodation

You are either in Switzerland for under 1 year or you are looking for a permanent accomodation and need a temporary place to stay. In either case, welcome to the complex world of sourcing temporary accomodation in Switzerland. 

Although it is probably easier to find a temporary furnished apartment rather than the traditional long-term non-furnished accomodation, you should not approach this task lightly. 

Generally, there are more 1 - 2 bedroom apartments available than larger apartments (+3 bedrooms). 

What to do when looking for temporary accomodation

Start your search at least 4 - 5 weeks before your arrival. 


These are your options for temporary accomodation

Here are your main options to find a temporary furnished apartment in Switzerland: 


1. VISIONAPARTMENTS Serviced apartments with style

VISIONAPARTMENTS' beautiful temporary accommodations are the perfect solution for business travelers and those relocating to and from Switzerland due to the following unique advantages: wide network (over 9 locations in Switzerland and numerous partners worldwide), prime locations, fully serviced apartments with ultra-stylish design. 

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2. Ariv Coliving in Basel

ARIV is more than just temporary accommodation. It is your direct entry into life in Switzerland. In addition to high-quality designer flats, you will benefit from an active community and a variety of shared facilities and other amenities.


2. Hotel stays (including Airbnb)

Hotel stays or hotel furnished apartments (and here we include Airbnb) are a no brainer. On the plus side: there are no contracts needed and the booking process is quite straightforward. 

As downsides: the cost can be quite high, pets might not be allowed (especially in hotels) and large apartments for families (+3 bedrooms) might not be available. 

3. Sublets

This is quite a common practice in Switzerland, and you will find apartment listings on most real estate websites and also facebook groups. 

The main advantage of a sublet is the rather reduced cost when compared to the previous options, but this depends on the landlord and also on the position and type of apartment. 

As main downsides: you will need to sign a subletting contract and perhaps even provide a rental deposit. At the end of the lease, you will need to pay for all damages (if case) and also thoroughly clean the apartment. This means you should prepare for the handover process well in advance.  

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