Top Swiss Cities to Visit in Summer
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Top Swiss Cities to Visit in Summer

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If you're still new to Switzerland, this is your perfect chance to check out some of the country's most charming towns and impressive architecture displays. 

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Swiss cities embody quality of life and urban flair. That's why you’ll find well-preserved historical centres, modern architectural masterpieces and many green spaces everywhere.

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All these are easy to reach and make for comfortable day trips at any time of the year. 


🏰 Charming Old Towns in Switzerland

While Bern has been granted UNESCO World Heritage status and every major city has an impressive old town, let us introduce you to lesser-known destinations we fell in love with.



Rheinfelden's Old Town © Switzerland Tourism/André Meyer


Close to Basel and Zurich, Rheinfelden is a land of many waterfalls and impressive landscapes. The old town is just the cherry on top, with its narrow alleys and the particular flair of a traditional spa town.

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The lively main alley in Solothurn's old town © Switzerland Tourism/André Meier  


Often overlooked, this town is easy to reach from Basel, Bern, even Zurich and is an extremely impressive Baroque town that few expats get to know. The old part of the town and the cathedral are something you must see while in Switzerland.

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Sion's charming medieval castles © Switzerland Tourism/Jan Geerk


Walking by Sion's Old Town makes you think you're on a movie set. Two castle ruins tower high over the city as visible remnants of its past, while the Cathedral of Notre-Dame-du-Glarier (dating back to the 15th century) and the Witches' Tower in the old town round up the all-medieval look of Sion. The city is very close to Geneva, in a renowned wine region.

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Exploring the streets of Lugano's old town © Switzerland Tourism/André Meier


Nestled in the southern part of Switzerland, Lugano is often overlooked for the more famous Locarno. But just pay it a quick visit and it will charm you with its lakefront town vibe. Lugano's old town is where multicoloured houses meet Mediterranean promenade scenery - a perfect example of how cultures blend in Switzerland.

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Chilling out in the old town of Biel/Bienne © Switzerland Tourism/Hannes Heinzer


Find this magical place very close to Bern, on Lake Biel. Biel's old town is a splendid exhibit of architecture, culture, history and gastronomy. Charming, narrow lanes, enchanting fountains, and welcoming terraces make this the perfect place to wander and unwind.

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🏰 Top Displays of Architecture in Switzerland

From ancient architecture and cultural landmarks to modern works of art, each step on Swiss land brings an incredible sense of history. Discover unmatched beauty everywhere you go as your travel reveals Switzerland's vibrant heritage.


Thun Castle

The mesmerizing Thun castle © Switzerland Tourism/Martin Mägli


The medieval castle of Thun is a striking vision. Even though it dates back to the 12th century, it is almost completely preserved and features one of the few surviving halls of its type from the Middle Ages, the Knights' Hall. The castle is home to a historical museum highlighting the region's history, as well as temporary exhibitions on cultural, historical and current issues. 

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Neuchâtel Castle

Neuchâtel Castle is full of history and character © Switzerland Tourism/Silvano Zeiter


The castle of Neuchâtel is not only a well-reserved castle that's over 1,000 years old, but it is also still functional as it hosts the canton’s parliament. You will marvel at the richly decorated facades built in the Romanesque style, the old collegiate church, and the forecourt offering a breathtaking panoramic view of the city and lake.

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The Fortifications of Bellinzona

Castelgrande, one of the main attractions in Bellinzona © Switzerland Tourism/Christian Meixner


The fortifications of Bellinzona still showcase late-medieval defensive structures and medieval fortified architecture in the Alps. No wonder the three castles of Bellinzona and their surrounding fortifications are UNESCO World Heritage sites. Interesting temporary exhibitions are also regularly organised at Castelgrande and Sasso Corbaro.

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Abbey District, St. Gallen

St. Gallen Abbey District, a UNESCO Heritage gem © Switzerland Tourism/André Meier


The Convent of St. Gallen with its Baroque cathedral is a UNESCO World Heritage site drawing the most interest in the city. The historical ensemble also features the world-famous Abbey Library hosting Switzerland's most beautiful non-ecclesiastical Baroque hall and a collection of 170,000 books.

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Santa Maria degli Angeli chapel, Lugano

The Santa Maria degli Angeli chapel © Switzerland Tourism/Andreas Gerth


Santa Maria degli Angeli chapel, designed by the world-famous architect Mario Botta, is an impressive feat of contemporary architecture. The chapel, built from 1992 to 1994, boasts innovative features in terms of religious building design and displays paintings by Enzo Cucchi.

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