Top Swiss Oktoberfest Festivities
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Top Swiss Oktoberfest Festivities

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O'zapft is! Or, in other words, let the party begin! Starting with September, all German-speaking areas declare the autumn parties on. We don't want you to miss Oktoberfests in your area, so here's an overview with the main Swiss festivities.

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Grab your Dirndl or Lederhosen and head to one of Switzerland's top Oktoberfest beer tents. Because Oktoberfests are a beloved tradition all over Switzerland. 

Even if Munich isn't on your travel itinerary this year, you can still experience this cool tradition - table dancing and beers the size of your head included!

Check out our list of top Oktoberfest events in the German-speaking region. Cheers!


Oktoberfest Lake Zürich 

Seedamm Plaza hosts this Oktoberfest, usually starting mid-October to the end of the month. You will find it open between 18:00 and 23:00.

Tables must be reserved in advance, while reservation of single entries on Thursdays possible. The resident band Charlys partyband bring Bavarian spirit to the big, traditionally decorated beer tent. Enjoy typical beer and food such as Hax'n with Kraut, Schweinsbraten, hot Leberkaas, Radi, Brez'n and much more.


Zürich Oktoberfest 

This traditional Oktoberfest takes place on the artificial island in the Limmat River. Baschänzli, Zürich, to be more exact. From early October to early November, you can enjoy live music, shot-glass-throwing and the authentic atmosphere. Or just stop by for a typical Bavarian lunch in the beer tent on weekdays. You can reserve tables online. 


Lozärner Oktoberfest

© Lozärner Oktoberfest

The place to be is the Ice Sports Center in Lucerne, each year from the second to the fourth week of September. Live music, authentic food and the snappy servers let you experience Bavarian hospitality first hand. Enjoy 'Wiesn-Gaudi' in the big beer tent that hosts over 1400 swaying and froing guests. Tables and single seats can be reserved online, with variable pricing.


Oktoberfest Winterthur 

Mid-October to early November is the right time to book some evenings at the Riding hall in Winterthur. Opening hours vary, on weekdays usually from 19:00 to 23:00, on the weekend usually from 17:30 to 23:00.

Oktoberfest in Winterthur starts with a highlight — the entry of the Wiesn-landlord accompanied by free beer, horse and cart, mounted police and a classic brewery truck. Meat and drinks, as well as musical entertainment is provided during the whole festival period.

Tables and single entries can be reserved online, free single entries available at the box office. The bar tent in front of the hall is open even if the main hall is sold out. Enjoy live music every day!


Oktoberfest Baden

Oktoberfest comes to Baden as well, around the last two weekends of October, in Trafoplatz Baden. The resident bands 'Die Oberbayern' and 'Die Münchner Zwietracht' bring Bavarian spirit to the big, traditionally decorated beer tent. Besides the typical food and drinks, Dirndl and Lederhosen can be purchased on site. 

You have to book tables in advance, and note that reservation of single entries is not possible. No single entries are guaranteed on site.


Züri Wiesn

Photo credits ©  Züri-Wiesn – Unser Oktoberfest

This is one of the biggest Oktoberfest in Switzerland, it starts mid-September and lasts until mid-October. Tables in the beer tent have to be booked online and single entries can be purchased on site. There's no need to worry about entrance fee to access the other attractions, and you can also join in on the Party Special evenings.



Oktoberfest Wädenswil

Photo credits ©  Oktoberfest Wädenswil

A large Oktoberfest with a traditional Bavarian atmosphere and an interesting Swiss touch.


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