Welcome to the new Packimpex MyJourney!
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Welcome to the new Packimpex MyJourney!

Hey there! We have some fantastic news to share with you - are you ready for it? MyJourney just got even better! Discover how you can navigate your relocation journey with more ease and confidence than ever before.

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You’ll notice the change in color, from orange to green, right away. But there’s so much more waiting for you!


Why have we become Packimpex MyJourney?

We wanted to offer you more than a complete hub of relocation information. To do that, we started leveraging our most powerful tool: 45+ years of experience in international relocations.

With the transition to Packimpex MyJourney, you'll get first-hand knowledge and support from Europe’s top relocation professionals, completely free. All so you can enjoy an easy and fun life as an international, wherever you choose to live and work. 

What does this mean for you?

If you’re already on MyJourney, congratulations! You’ve chosen to have the best relocation platform in Switzerland.

Not on MyJourney yet? You can always join us to enhance your relocation experience.

Packimpex MyJourney is your go-to hub for anything you need, always on your own terms:

  • MyJourney accounts are free, services are optional, and pricing is transparent.

  • Enjoy a smooth relocation experience with tried and tested advice from professionals in the industry.

  • Get first-hand knowledge of local customs, formalities, housing market, and more from local relocation experts.

  • Choose between digital and in-person support from consultants who handle 4500+ relocations each year.

  • Work with trusted partners from the Hello Switzerland provider network. If you need extra support, you can rely on Hello Switzerland's carefully vetted list of partners that offer complementary services such as: tax support, insurance, banking, telecom activation or car services.

Relax knowing you're efficient with your own valuable time, you haven't forgotten anything, you've avoided mistakes, you're fully compliant, and you're free to enjoy your experience instead of dealing with administrative hassle.

Ready to upgrade your relocation journey? Get started for free here.

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No, it stays the same.

No need to do anything at this point.

As new operator of the technology platform, Packimpex Ltd. takes over as the liable party for data privacy and general terms of use. All other Terms & Conditions remain the same. 

The management of the network of participating partners, and the service offering by these partners on the MyJourney platform, continues to be managed entirely by Hello Switzerland Ltd of Zurich, Switzerland.

If you choose to work with one of the expert partners from the Hello Switzerland network, this continues to happen under the context of the terms of service of each Hello Switzerland partner. These terms are provided in the shopping basket before orders are finalised. In this regard, nothing changes.

The management of the partner network remains the responsibility of Hello Switzerland Ltd., operator of the Hello Switzerland partner network, which is integrated as a feature of the Packimpex MyJourney platform.

Please reach out to and mention MyJourney Advertising Partnership.

If you want to delete your MyJourney account, please reach out to and mention MyJourney Account Deletion.