Accompanied deregistration in Switzerland | Eliminate Language Barriers
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Accompanied deregistration

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Swiss law requires you to deregister at your local immigration office before you leave Switzerland. A relocation consultant can accompany you and make the entire process smoother.

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'Accompanied deregistration': what it means and why you need it

Eliminate language barriers

Your relocation consultant has total fluency in the local language. This avoids any confusion during discussions with the immigration agent, and minimises the risk of not being able to complete the deregistration on that day.

Save time

Your relocation consultant fully understands the deregistration process, so there will be no surprises and no time lost.

Full compliance

All steps of the deregistration will be thoroughly followed.

Here's how this works:

Before you need to deregister, your consultant will:

  • Provide you with a checklist of the standard documents you will require for the deregistration process.

  • Arrange a deregistration appointment at the relevant local authority according to the local specifics.

  • Accompany you in person to the deregistration office.

  • Facilitate communication with the deregistration authorities, ensuring you understand what is happening during the deregistration process, and explaining the information you receive.

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