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Book an Immigration Case Assessment

Book an Immigration Case Assessment

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Do you want to find out if you're allowed to live and work in Switzerland? Do you have questions relating to immigration to Switzerland, for yourself, for a family member or a loved one?

As the most expat-friendly immigration service in Switzerland, Sgier + Partner is here to help. Book an Immigration Case Assessment for CHF 99 and get the answers you need.

Book an Immigration Case Assessment

Get expert advice on immigration to Switzerland

Do you need expert advice on immigration to Switzerland? Do you require professional support to apply for a Swiss work or residence permit of any kind? Sgier + Partner is Switzerland's leading immigration services specialist and can help you.

Find out quickly whether you are applicable to live and work in Switzerland from an immigration standpoint. Get answers to your questions about family reunion, immigration of unmarried partners, document requirements and much more.


Immigration Case Assessment service exclusively for international newcomers to Switzerland

Everyone's immigration profile is different, and in Switzerland, there are a huge number of local complexities in the immigration system. Unlike neighbouring EU countries, there is often no simple answer to immigration questions, especially if you do not hold a EU/EFTA passport.

Together with Sgier + Partner, Packimpex has found a way to assist expats and would-be newcomers in the easiest, fastest way possible.

Simply book an Immigration Case Assessment for CHF 99 and find out where you stand. Provide your documents during booking and within just a couple of days you'll speak to a Swiss immigration expert for a professional assessment.

Your benefits when you book Sgier + Partner through Packimpex:


You can start your immigration process with a Case Assessment before you make any plans to move to Switzerland

This way, you're sure that you qualify for a Swiss work and residence permit, with no time or money wasted. We can assess your immigration case based on your current life situation, even before you have found a job in Switzerland.

The preparation admin is all taken care of

Upload the required documents at the same time you book the service. That way, by the time you speak to the experts at Sgier + Partner, our expert will already have analysed your case and can give you fast answers.

Get help selecting the best support package for you

Your immigration situation has its own particularities. Sgier + Partner knows the Swiss immigration rules and document requirements by heart and will point you to the right support package. They'll also make sure you understand your options and provide you with choices, if available.

Sgier + Partner is Switzerland's leading immigration adviser

Sgier + Partner team of experts boast together over 70 years of practical experience in Swiss immigration services and work permit management.

They have successfully obtained over 35,000 work and residence permits for their clients. They know the processes of Swiss local and cantonal authorities better than any other provider and can act quickly when it comes to getting your application processed.

Sgier + Partner's team is made up of experienced immigration specialists, legal staff and lawyers, and can communicate in 10 languages. The company is active all over Switzerland, with offices located in Zurich, Geneva and Lugano.

Sgier + Partner prides itself on quality, compliance, reliability and proactive engagement. The team is led by Ms. Antonia Sgier, who brings over 26 years of practical experience at the company, as well as previous experience working in Swiss immigration authorities examining and approving work permit applications.

These are your top benefits with Sgier + Partner:


Above & beyond customer service

Award-winning customer care and highly responsive expert support. All documentation can be explained to you in English, German, French or Italian.

Confidence and compliance

Through a professional immigration case assessment, Sgier + Partner guarantees that you can proceed with confidence and in compliance with Swiss law. No other immigration specialist is as expat-friendly as Sgier + Partner.

The simplest support packages

Immigration Support Packages are easy to understand, and are personalised to your situation. Following your initial case assessment, if you choose to order both Immigration Application Support and Accompanied Registration Support when registering at the Swiss authorities, you will benefit from a discount on your total service package.

Book an Immigration Case Assessment for CHF 99 and we'll contact you shortly

You're only a few steps away from getting your personal work or residence situation clarified by a Switzerland immigration specialist. Once we receive your booking, we'll contact you within 2 working days.

You'll securely upload your personal documents during the order process. We'll review your documents and any further details you provide us in your order form.

Before we speak, we'll check all specifications and email you to confirm an appointment time for a call with you.

Once your immigration situation is clarified, we'll also help you choose the best immigration support service for your needs. You are under no obligation to proceed with any additional services. It's worth noting that the outcome of the case assessment might be that you can proceed entirely by yourself, with no further services necessary.

Book an Immigration Case Assessment


What our customers say:

«Thank you very much, fun to work with you, everything always perfect.» (Ulrich)

«Fantastic – I like your professionalism and clarity of emails.» (Vijay)

«I would like to thank you very much for your advice! This has helped us a lot.» (Eva)

«Thank you for the update. I must say dealing with your organisation has been a pleasure thus far and our experiences of working with you in far in contrast from dealing with other immigration specialists.» (Tracey)

«Perfect, thank you very much for the competent information!» (Marika)

«Thanks a lot. It was lovely working with you also – you have literally been a godsend to us and I genuinely mean it.» (Stephanie)