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You're an international resident in Switzerland and you've decided to start your own business. If this is you, then allow us to congratulate you! Switzerland is one of the best countries to start a business in. 

Time to roll up your sleeves and do your homework. Before you do anything, start with this free consultation by Helvetia and learn all you need to know about the effect of your new legal status on your insurance, pension and social security. 

Get insider tips from Helvetia insurance advisers and learn how to face the Swiss social security system and use it to your advantage. 

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Are you familiar with the Law of Occupational Benefits aka LOB? Do you know which insurances are compulsory for any new business? 

Your free consultation with a Helvetia insurance expert will shed light on these topics and more, so you understand exactly what you need to do. 

Who would benefit the most from this consultation?

If you're an international resident in Switzerland and you intend to start your own business here, then this free consultation is for you.

What do you get from the free consultation exactly? 

During your consultation, you can choose to discuss the topics that interest you the most. It definitely helps to also discuss the following issues, which are recommended by Helvetia: 

  • Detailed business insurance consultation - understand the compulsory and recommended insurance policies in detail, in particular professional liability insurance, legal protection and travel insurance, as well as LOB (Law of Occupational Benefits) requirements; receive quotes for Helvetia insurance for these

  • Get valuable “pre-advice" prior to founding your business in Switzerland; be aware of costs and obligations

  • Consultation to get your insurance priorities straight - get a crystal clear view of which insurances are necessary for you and your start-up business (and by when)

  • Consultation on compulsory and optional accident insurance with added benefits for companies; receive quotes for health insurance (broker service)

  • Detailed consultation on the Swiss Pension and Social Security System, including 3rd pillar pension system, savings, and survivor income protection, income protection as part of the duty under the LOB (Law of Occupational Benefits)

  • Get an explanation of tax planning; understand the impact of LOB (Law of Occupational Benefits) on tax planning

  • Access a wide range of information and services for start-ups thanks to Helvetia's relationship with a partner in the SME sector

At your request, your Helvetia adviser will also provide you with quotes for ALL insurance types you need.

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Find out more about Helvetia

Helvetia is Packimpex's partner of choice for all insurance related issues.

A top Swiss insurer, Helvetia was established in 1858 and now counts 80 agencies throughout Switzerland. At present, Helvetia provides reliable coverage for nearly 1.3 million residents in Switzerland, but also in Germany, Italy, Austria and Spain.

Helvetia has a dedicated team who deals with international professionals on a regular basis and are uniquely specialized on advising newcomers and expats who are living in Switzerland.

You will appreciate their personal touch and high level of experience in dealing with the most common issues that international residents encounter in Switzerland. 


Your benefits when you choose Helvetia

In-depth knowledge of expat needs

Book through Packimpex to reach Helvetia insurance advisers who are English-speaking and perfectly understand the complex situation of internationally mobile professionals. 

Official documents in English

All insurance documents are available in English, so no worries if you don't speak the local Swiss language. 

All insurances in one place

Helvetia provides consultancy on ALL insurance types. While some insurers specialise only on health insurance and others on other types of insurances, Helvetia will provide consultancy and quotes for all insurance types. 

Direct line to your Helvetia adviser

At Helvetia you are assigned a personal adviser available to you, when you need it. Your adviser knows your personal history and is able to consult on what changes are more beneficial to you, as your situation changes. 

Excellent claims service

Helvetia is well-known in Switzerland for their ultra fast claim response. Most claims are usually covered within 48 hours, which can be a great relief if you are in a tricky situation or far from home.

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Last-but-not-least, some important details to help you plan better

How long does the consultation take?

Helvetia advisers suggest you should reserve around 1 hour for this consultation. Depending on your questions and needs, however, it can take anywhere from 30 to 90 minutes.

Take your time. this is an important topic. 

Where will the meeting take place?

You can meet your Helvetia adviser wherever it suits you. You can talk on the phone, arrange a video call or meet at your office. You're also welcome to come to your local Helvetia office - rest assured, COVID safety processes are in place.

Ready to take the next step? 

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Is this consultation not the right thing for you? No worries, we have you covered.

Maybe you'd like to find out more about insurance as a private individual. Then take a look at this free Just Landed Insurance consultation (for foreigners who have just arrived in Switzerland), Plan, save & buy property, or Insurance Check-in free consultations (both for foreigners who have been living in Switzerland for at least 2 years).