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When it comes to tax regimes, you could say that there are 26 different Switzerlands. Tax laws vary so much from canton to canton, that even the natives can get a bit puzzled. If you’re an expat in Switzerland, the situation can seem even more confusing – particularly when pension provisions and health insurance are added into the mix.

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Do you need professional wealth management advice?

Not sure if wealth management advice is right for you? This 8-point checklist will help you understand if this service can help you:

  • Are you a 30+ professional?

  • Are you saving on a regular basis?

  • Are you having trouble understanding the tax regime in your canton and how to navigate it?

  • Are you unsure what kind of pension plan best fits your needs?

  • Are you unsure whether your current health insurance is the best choice for you and your family?

  • Do you want to protect yourself and your loved ones in a situation requiring advanced care planning, but you’re not sure how to set it all up?

  • Do you want to invest your savings, but you don’t know which investment opportunities potentially offer advantageous yields, while also suiting your needs and lifestyle?

  • Do you need help with a retirement plan that will assure that you can maintain the lifestyle you want?

If you answered YES to at least two of the questions above, wealth management is something you could really benefit from. The differences in tax law and pension funds can vary widely between different parts of Switzerland. For instance, maximum marginal tax rates range between 20% and 45%, and wealth taxes also differ, ranging from 0.15% to 1%. On the other hand, investment opportunities are virtually endless.

Luckily, you don’t have to deal with all these details on your own. Experienced wealth management solution providers like Vontobel can help to make your life easier and give you options for growing your wealth.

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How wealth management can help you make the most of your assets

You could always try and navigate the Swiss system on your own. But doing this might cost you a lot more in the long run. One incorrectly checked box might mean you’ll end up paying significantly more than you needin income or wealth taxes, bank commissions, or property taxes. Working with wealth management professionals is not only stress-free but can also be more profitable:


Plan your future the right way

By clarifying your pension situation early and undertaking some long-term planning for retirement, you can prepare for this phase of your life in a targeted way. Vontobel’s approach to financial planning focuses first and foremost on your personal needs, life goals, and expectations, with seasoned experts analyzing your current financial situation and then presenting you with future scenarios.

Pension solutions – the retirement you want, on your own terms

Vontobel offers modern pension solutions in the area of executive pension plans, vested benefits, and Switzerland’s so-called “Pillar 3a”, all of which combine the tax advantages of the various pension fund vessels with professional investment management.

Tax advisory – 100% customized to your situation

For private individuals, Vontobel offers holistic advisory consultations to examine how Swiss tax law could affect you in the areas of income tax, wealth tax, gift tax, inheritance tax, and real estate gains tax. Why pay more than you should when you could invest the difference?

Managed solutions – care-free tailored wealth management

Vontobel knows how valuable your time and assets are. With a discretionary mandate, you delegate the management of your assets to Vontobel, ensuring that they always consider your wishes and goals. Regardless of which type of mandate you choose, you benefit from Vontobel's disciplined portfolio management and the comprehensive transparency that is an important element of their proven investment process.

An additional option: Consider being able to access all these benefits through Vontobel’s highly innovative app, Volt.

Advisory services – the right approach for hands-on wealth management

Want to decide for yourself how much you want to invest, and when and where to carry out your transactions? You can choose this option and still benefit from the knowledge and expertise of Vontobel's world-class analysts and investment specialists. Vontobel’s experts will offer you all the advice you need but you will decide when to invest and what to invest in.

Your benefits when you choose Vontobel

When you choose your wealth management partner, make sure it’s a company you can depend on no matter how tax laws change or how the market fluctuates. For generations, Vontobel has been a globally operating investment firm with Swiss roots and an exceptionally strong capital base.  “We are primarily asset managers, and we are always on the side of our clients”. Stability like this is key.

So is trust. And trust is earned. So aside from world-class, tailor-made services, when you partner with Vontobel, you also benefit from:

  • Worldwide investment expertise: Vontobel's network of private clients, institutional investors, and financial market intermediaries, both in the domestic Swiss market and key international markets, is very broad and very deep.

  • Independence: Vontobel has been an independent business for almost a century, without any institutions or investors looking over their shoulder and putting pressure on to invest in any particular way. Their only loyalty is to their clients – which could include you!

  • Alignment with your values: As a bank that has been family-owned for four generations, Vontobel understands your need to protect your assets, but more importantly – to protect your loved ones.

  • The country’s largest buy-side research team for Swiss equities: Their analysts have more than 200 years of combined experience in their field – and all of it is at your disposal.

  • Successful in-house asset management: You can benefit from investment solutions that are otherwise available only to large corporate clients, like pension funds.

  • Continuity: Even if you decide to leave Switzerland, your financial wellbeing can remain in the hands of Vontobel. Your banking relationship with them can extend across the globe.

Ready to take your wealth to the next level? Then the time to act is now.

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Looking for more info on how to grow your investments?

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How to invest in times of inflation

Just how high is inflation? This is not an easy question to answer because there are a range of indices available for measuring it. Did you know that the CPI (Consumer Price Index) is the favorite of the media, whereas the US Federal Reserve prefers another index? Still, at the end of the day, what matters most from an investment viewpoint is how inflation effects portfolio performance.

Three Vontobel experts have analyzed rising and falling inflation over the last 50 years. Even though historical analysis is not an indicator of future returns, it does throw a light on potential market movements. Click below to find out: 

Investing in times of inflation


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