Guidance Call: All relocation stages

Guidance Call: All relocation stages

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Book a 30 minute call with a Packimpex relocation expert and get a 360° perspective of your current situation if: 

1. You're planning to move to Switzerland and want to find out what to expect 

2. You're relocating to Switzerland right now

3. You're thinking about leaving Switzerland

Choose which phase applies to you and book a Free Guidance Call with a relocation expert to super-charge your planning. 

Regardless of where you are in your journey to or from Switzerland, we can help!

Choose your current stage and get in touch. You'll find out important infos from relocation experts and become a planning mastermind. 

1. Plan your move to Switzerland with the help of relocation experts 

You are thinking about moving to Switzerland and are still unsure or perhaps you have just accepted a job offer in Switzerland and want to know what to expect when you move here. Book this Free Planning Guidance Call if: 

  • You are a global talent who’s thinking about accepting an opportunity here and would like to learn more about what to expect about life in the Alpine state.

  • You’re worried about moving with family – how will your partner fit in? Can they find a job? What about schooling for your children – what are the options?

  • You want to cover all your bases regarding: taxes, medical insurance, the property market, social life, and more.

  • You want to know specific details about the city or the canton you’ll be living in.

  • You want to be able to plan ahead and fit right in.

Free Planning Guidance Call

2. Get all the info you need on your upcoming relocation to Switzerland from an expert

You're starting your process of relocating to Switzerland and you have a clear date in mind. Book this Free Relocation Planning Call if:

  • You’re moving to Switzerland as an expat for the first time.

  • You need help understanding the property market, the tax system, the insurance system, and more.

  • You can’t find the information you need online or you need help with a particular issue.

  • You’re unsure about the things you can take with you from your home country. 

  • You’re on a tight deadline and you need to make sure you can find a home and/or get a phone/internet connection fast (or bank account, insurance, etc...).

  • You need to learn more about how the work permit you received affects your status – what you can and cannot do with it.

Free Relocation Guidance Call

3. Leaving Switzerland? Book a free guidance call to make the process much smoother

We'll hate to see you go, but if you're planning to leave Switzerland soon, better find out from a relocation expert how to best plan your departure. Leaving Switzerland is not as easy as you think. Book this free Guidance Call if: 

  • You’re leaving Switzerland and you’re on a tight deadline.

  • You don’t know the rules about leaving your home – what and how do you have to clean, do you have to make repairs, when should you notify your landlord and so on? The rules about leaving a rental home in Switzerland are very strict, so don’t gamble with this!

  • You can’t find the information you need online or you need help with a particular issue.

  • You’re not sure how to tackle your ongoing contracts: electricity, gas, internet, phone, and so on.

  • You need help navigating the exit clauses of your insurance or health insurance.

  • You’re unsure about the things you can take with you from Switzerland. Swiss customs regulations can be challenging but we’re here to answer all your questions about what you can take with you, from pots and pans to cars and furry family members.

Free Departure Guidance Call

Why trust Packimpex?

Packimpex is Switzerland's relocation market leader and the most awarded international relocation company. Packimpex has nearly 45 years' experience in relocation, handling on average about 4000 relocations per year. Our super-power? Making sure you get the experience you need. Personalisation and attention to details for every expat situation have brought us the ‘preferred relocation company’ status year after year.

When you choose Packimpex, you can be sure that your move will be carefully planned and masterfully executed by experts, with nothing left to chance. Packimpex relocation consultants possess a wealth of knowledge that will save you time and effort, as they anticipate any packing, transport, or customs issues.

99% of Packimpex customers say they would relocate again with Packimpex.

What our customers say:

«Thank you so much for such a pleasant conversation and your valuable input. I must admit, you possess a unique wealth of information that the usual expat has absolutely no clue about, and for which I am so grateful. I hope we stay in touch and maybe one day we'll enjoy a coffee together at the Lago Maggiore.»

Maggie, from USA, moved to Lugano