Investing and pension planning made easy with volt by Vontobel
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Investing and pension planning made easy with volt by Vontobel

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Do you want to make your money work for you, like a pro? volt by Vontobel is the one-stop-shop investing and pension planning app for Swiss residents and expats.

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Enjoy an exclusive one-on-one session with an experienced investment consultant to analyze your wealth situation and discuss how to best meet your goals even during uncertain times. Jointly developed strategies on how to grow or protect your wealth will focus on both suitable investment as well as pension solutions.

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What is volt by Vontobel?

volt by Vontobel is a 100% Swiss investment app that helps you achieve your goals easily and effectively with investment products that are individually tailored to you. With volt by Vontobel, you can create your own portfolio any way you want or use a pre-determined portfolio created and curated by Vontobel experts.

Because you are a Packimpex member, we have a special offer just for you: create a volt account today and enjoy investing with ZERO bank fees for the first three months!

Learn how you can create your volt invest portfolio (individually designed or ready-to-invest by volt experts) with a few clicks and discover how volt 3a can help you lower your tax burden to ensure a care-free future for you and your loved ones.

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Why use volt by Vontobel?

The sooner you create an investment portfolio, the better – you’ve definitely heard investment experts saying this. But if you’re not one of those experts, and if you recently moved to Switzerland, investing may seem intimidating, and you keep pushing it.

volt by Vontobel is designed to help you start investing confidently, irrespective of your financial skills.

With volt:

  • You benefit from more than 90 years of investment experience and 300 experts are involved in actively managing your portfolio – ideal for people who are just getting started (in Switzerland)! You just need to create an account and pick a pre-defined portfolio. The volt experts will take care of its growth.

  • Not a beginner? You can create your own portfolio and customize it according to your preferences and convictions. The volt experts will be there to offer advice or guidance – you may not need it, but it’s always good to know that you’ve got a team of experts available to you.

  • You can invest in Switzerland, Europe, or global markets.

  • You can invest in the 3a pillar, get a tax deduction and create up to five simultaneous 3a custody accounts to benefit from the greatest possible tax advantage on later withdrawals of your 3a funds.

  • Your money is safe: if you leave Switzerland, you can keep your account running (available for select regions) or immediately transfer the funds to a bank account of your choice.

  • You’re always in control: the volt app offers you a bird’s-eye-view over all your finances and allows you to make changes on the go.

So far, these investment services were only available only to the clients of a private bank or a traditional asset management mandate. Today, you can enjoy a private banking experience through Vontobel’s investment app – it’s easy to use, efficient, and a great way to manage your funds.

Ready to start investing in a better future? Start now with zero banking fees for the first three months!

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If you're not 100% sure about investing as an expat in Switzerland, this is your sign to get started. Investing and pension planning made easy is the exclusive webinar designed with our partners at volt by Vontobel

What will you learn? Just a couple of insights:

  • Why being disciplined is key and how it impacts your investments on the long term.

  • All about investment strategies, equity allocation, and support from Vontobel experts.

  • How to set up your volt account for easy, stress-free investments.

  • How to use your pension assets as an investment opportunity.

  • How volt makes your life easier during tax season.

But that's not all! As a member of the Packimpex community, you get an extra perk: 3 months with no bank fees. Tune in to find out what this means and claim the promo code.


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