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Leaving Switzerland: Departure Support by Packimpex

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When leaving Switzerland, you’ll find yourself in a logistical rollercoaster. Find out what Departure support is and why it’s worth having a professional relocation consultant by your side.

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Why do you need the help of a professional relocation consultant when leaving Switzerland?

Your assignment in Switzerland is over and you’re already thinking about settling into your new destination. But before you plan for your next move, you need to set your affairs in order here. And leaving Switzerland is never as easy as booking a flight and packing your bags.

You can only grasp the complexity of leaving Switzerland when faced with it. The numerous cancelations (all with their respective timelines), juggling multiple admin tasks on a tight deadline – leaving Switzerland is no easy task.

These are just a few of the things you’ll have to tackle:

  • Deregistering as a resident.

  • Cancelling all your contracts: electricity, gas, internet, phone, TV, and more. Each contract has different clauses and the burden relies on you to make cancellations in due time. If you don’t understand the clauses in each contract very well (legal speak can be puzzling even when it’s in your mother tongue!) you will end up paying huge cancellation fees. If you think we're exaggerating, check out below: just one example overheard on an expat group of the many problems people are faced with when leaving Switzerland. 

  • Handing over your rental property. We call this “the dreaded Swiss handover” – when you leave your apartment, there are very strict rules about the pristine condition it has to be in. It’s useful to know about all of them or you will have to pay hefty penalties.

  • Terminating or keeping (if you plan to come back) your medical insurance, your pension contributions, and other insurance policies: car liability, life insurance, and so on. You'll probably start thinking about it when you're already out of Switzerland and then it might be too late, see below, another 'real world' example from another expat group.

What happens when you are on a tight deadline and you have to start your new assignment in another country in a few weeks? Typically, you’d throw money at all these bureaucratic hurdles just to make sure you left everything in good legal standing.

But there’s an easier, smarter way:

Meet Departure Support by Packimpex

A Relocation Consultant will coordinate together with you the different steps of your departure. These are just a few of the services Packimpex can provide to make sure your expatriation experience is as smooth and seamless as possible: lease contract termination, provide quotes for end cleaning of your apartment, maximize your chances of getting your deposit back, help finding tenants, and arrange viewings.

We know that every departure is unique, so this service is 100% customizable to meet all your needs.

Learn more about a stress-free departure from Switzerland by booking this free Guidance Call. We'll be happy to explain more in detail what leaving Switzerland actually entails so you can decide if you need our support or not. 

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Why would you need Departure Support?

Our support will make a world of difference especially if you don’t speak the local language of your Swiss region or if you do not know Swiss tenancy law.

We make sure that the exit inspection of your apartment is handled in a fair manner and in line with Swiss lease standards. This will minimize your chances to be held accountable for damages to the property.

You can also expect:

Presence at apartment handback

A relocation consultant, experienced in preventing suspicious practices at hand-back, will be by your side.

Eliminate language barriers

Your relocation consultant will get quotes for repairs and schedule repairs in the local Swiss local language.

Expert insight

Understanding of property maintenance and a network of trusted cleaning, repair and maintenance companies.

Knowledge of rental practice

Experience and knowledge of acceptable and regular rental contract practice.

Your departure, your rules: choose the level of support you need

Want everything done-for-you or do you prefer to be involved in every stage of your departure process? Whatever your preferences, Packimpex has the right package for you. Choose the package that fits your needs, your budget and your desired level of involvement. 

Not sure what to choose?

Give us a call or write to us and we’ll be happy to send you a detailed description of our packages and guide you so you can easily choose the best option for your departure.

Why choose Packimpex for Departure support?

Packimpex is Switzerland's relocation market leader and the most awarded international relocation company. With nearly 45 years' experience in relocation, Packimpex handles on average about 4000 relocations per year and in the last ten years alone, Packimpex have helped over 8,000 customers move out of their property with peace of mind. 

When you choose Packimpex, you can be sure that your move will be carefully planned and masterfully executed by experts, with nothing left to chance. Packimpex relocation consultants possess a wealth of knowledge that will save you time and effort, as they anticipate any contractual, packing, transport, or customs issues.

99% of Packimpex customers say they would relocate again with Packimpex.

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