Seamless Insurance for Expats Moving to Spain
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Seamless Insurance for Expats Moving to Spain

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Are you planning to leave Switzerland and move to Spain? This free, non-binding consultation helps foreigners leaving Switzerland understand necessary insurance adjustments and ensures continuous coverage abroad. 

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This free, non-binding consultation is designed for foreigners leaving Switzerland to move to Spain. If you need to understand necessary insurance adjustments and ensure continuous coverage abroad, Helvetia is here to help.

Why Choose Helvetia’s Leaving Consultation?

Helvetia is Packimpex's partner of choice for all insurance related topics.

A top Swiss insurer, Helvetia was established in 1858 and now counts 80 agencies throughout Switzerland. At present, Helvetia provides reliable coverage for nearly 1.3 million residents in Switzerland, but also in Germany, Italy, Austria and Spain.

Helvetia has a dedicated team who deals with international professionals on a regular basis and have unique insight into the specific needs of expats. You will appreciate their personal touch and high level of experience in dealing with the most common issues that international residents encounter on a regular basis. 

«I used to be an expat myself, having lived in the UK for many years, the expat life is extremely familiar to me. The Expat Services team counts more than 30 insurance professionals, all proficient in English and all specialized on the insurance needs of international professionals and their families in Switzerland.»

Marcus Vinti
Head of Helvetia Expat Services in Switzerland

Your benefits when you choose Helvetia

In-depth knowledge of expat needs

Helvetia insurance advisers are English-speaking and perfectly understand the complex situation of internationally mobile professionals. 

Official documents in English

All insurance documents are available in English, so no worries if you don't speak Spanish. 

All insurances in one place

Helvetia provides consultancy on ALL insurance types. While some insurers specialise only on health insurance and others on other types of insurances, Helvetia will provide consultancy and quotes for all insurance types. 

Direct line to your Helvetia adviser

At Helvetia you are assigned a personal adviser available to you, when you need it. No need to wait in the line at a call centre. Your adviser knows your personal history and is able to consult on what changes are more beneficial to you as your situation changes. 

Ready to ensure a smooth transition as you move to Spain?

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