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Are you considering a contract in Switzerland but don’t know where to start? Do you need help with your existing Swiss payroll but don’t know who to ask? Are you a Swiss company looking to engage short or long term contract/permanent staff?

Accurity GmbH is Packimpex’s partner of choice for Swiss payroll solutions.

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Accurity is a highly respected payroll provider and employment specialist, able to provide reliable facts and figures to ensure you can make an informed decision about your Swiss employment options. Accurity provides support to contractors working on assignment to Swiss clients, to recruiters and to client managers needing guidance and support.

Expert Swiss Payroll

A commitment to excellent customer service is the driving force behind Accurity’s service. Their friendly and professional staff answer queries personally according to the area of expertise – whether you need to discuss payroll, compliance issues or pension options, you can talk or email directly with an adviser in the appropriate discipline.

Over the years Accurity’s staff have experienced many different scenarios: the combination of a ‘can do’ attitude and a thorough knowledge of Swiss law, together with a practical approach to problem solving, means the team can manage client and contractor requirements in a Swiss compliant manner.

Above all, Accurity ensures contractors, agencies and clients can operate in Switzerland without risk and enjoy the full protection Swiss employment law offers. Our ‘Peace of mind’ guarantee is second to none!

Services to Swiss Clients

If you need short term, flexible work solutions, Accurity can advise on solutions open to you which outsource your employer risk, safeguard you against violations of Swiss law and ensure you are provided with a talent pool, which will meet your recruiting requirements. Accurity can work with your preferred recruitment suppliers or provide you with access to our extensive partnership network of trusted partners. As always, the supply of personnel from abroad is conducted in strict compliance with Swiss law, so you have access to a wide source of talent, secure in the knowledge that you are operating safely under Swiss law.

This is not restricted solely to contract or labour leased staffing needs – if you need to recruit from outside Switzerland, Accurity ensure that the supply process and financial transactions for you and your chosen recruiter are managed correctly.

«Whether you are a contractor, recruiter or a Swiss client seeking specialist personnel from abroad, Accurity is here to look after you and your employment needs.»

Nicola Clothier
CEO, Accurity GmbH

Services to Specialist Recruiters

Accurity supports recruiters in their work with Swiss clients and contractors wanting to work in Switzerland, as well as managing the supply process for permanent placements to Switzerland. Accurity does not source personnel nor vacant positions, their role is purely to manage the processes and transactions; this means you can have full confidence that your business relationships remain under your control while outsourcing the management and compliance risk to a trusted specialist.

Why choose Accurity 

Accurity GmbH provides expert payroll service for full compliance and personal support. The company was established 20 years ago, and its original founders continue to lead the Accurity team with the same dedication as on the day they started. Whether you are an experienced contractor or moving to Switzerland to work as a contractor for the first time, Accurity is here to look after you and your employment needs.

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