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Do you dread handling your Swiss annual tax reports by yourself? We don't blame you.

Are you searching for alternatives to your current tax accountant? We get it -- finding someone to help you navigate the Swiss cantonal tax rates properly is quite the challenge.

Do you need a tax accountant who understands your Swiss and/or your international situation? That's a great approach -- personalized, custom-made tax solutions always have the best results.

This is exactly what we do! We know the ins and the outs of the Swiss tax system and we can easily apply our knowledge to serve your personal financial goals.

Exactio's team of experts are here to support you and your family members on your personal tax situation.

Book an appointment with Exactio tax experts

Get personalized support with the Swiss tax, social security or pension system

As a foreigner in Switzerland, you will need a tax accountant who understands your financial situation and the international implications of your Swiss residence. Exactio’s advisors have many years of experience serving expats, locals and cross-borders in Switzerland, and fully understand the complex situations clients from all over the world may face while living and working in Switzerland.   

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You are supported by experts who specialize in the tax needs of international residents

Exactio connects with partner firms all over the world and can offer you the best of both Swiss and international expertise on all aspects related to tax and social security. As the international perspective often lies beyond the remit of purely local advisory firms, Exactio can provide you with the best of both local and international support to ensure that your tax and social security matters are professionally handled at all times.

Full compliance

A professional tax adviser will make sure you understand your rights and obligations as a tax payer, as well as your advantages based on your personal situation. Our solutions help you avoid hefty fines that you may incur if you don't know the Swiss social security system well enough.

Wide range of issues covered

You can request support from Exactio on the following topics: preparation of the annual Swiss tax return, preparation of the annual withholding tax refund (tax at source), assistance with tax and pension fund when leaving Switzerland, other tax advice or advice on social security and pension fund, review of a standard Swiss employment contract or general employment law advice.

«When you move to Switzerland, you may have a lot of questions and concerns relating to your personal tax, social security and pension situation. The Exactio team can support you with these complex matters and work with you in a personal and flexible manner. My name is Karin and I'll be your first contact at Exactio for any tax, social security, pension and payroll related questions.»

Karin Verheijen
Exactio team

Exactio professional tax support customized to your needs

Exactio provides expert tax and social security support. When your taxes are at stake, you want to work with advisers who know what they are doing. If you are looking for an adviser with excellent technical skills, client-focused service and competitive pricing, Exactio is the right fit for you.

We can help you maximize the benefits of every contribution that you pay.

Per Melberg is a Managing Partner at Exactio and has been living in Switzerland for more than 20 years, working with international staff all over the world. He is dedicated to use all his experience supporting mobile individuals and their families moving to and from Switzerland.

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  • You will also receive more detailed information about the cost of the service, since it is variable and charged on an hourly rate. Just like our services, our prices are 100% personalized ot get you the best possible return on investment. 

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