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Swisscom Smart Connect: the telecom service designed for expats
Get me connected to Swisscom

Swisscom Smart Connect: the telecom service designed for expats

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How happy are you with your current phone, internet, and TV provider? As an expat, your first telecom contract is something that often happens too fast and you don’t have much time to understand the terms & conditions. Not to mention customer service for most telecom providers is in one of the Swiss languages, which is always tough for most expats.

If you’re not happy with your current provider, why not join the best telecom network in Switzerland? This service is exclusively for international residents in Switzerland who benefit from unique sign in and sign out terms, meaning you’ll also have more flexibility at contract cancelation, if you have to leave from Switzerland unexpectedly or on short-notice.

Get me connected to Swisscom

Join Switzerland's best telecom network through Packimpex’s concierge service

Packimpex will connect you to Swisscom in the fastest way possible and handle all admin, at no extra charge. What this means is that we take your documentation, including your status as a foreign resident into consideration.

All potential sign-up issues and bottlenecks are taken care of on your behalf by our experienced team. Even when your permit documentation is all settled, we help you through the entire process and ensure everything goes smoothly. Something like your personal assistant or private concierge for telecom set-up.


Do you need a Swiss mobile SIM, internet or TV at home?

If you're a foreigner who's been living in Switzerland for some time, wouldn't it be awesome if someone handles all the admin for you and eliminates any language barriers? Our partnership with Swisscom is designed with expats’ needs in mind so you can get the best possible offer, along with peace of mind and zero hassle.

Get an exclusive service for international residents in Switzerland

Being connected is as vital as the air you breathe and we're here to get you connected to Switzerland's best network in the easiest, fastest way possible. At Packimpex, we specialise in solving expats’ problems. This is why we’ve partnered with Swisscom to get you connected fast, with no hassle, and minimal paperwork.


Your benefits when you book Swisscom through Packimpex:

We'll handle the admin at no extra charge

You’ll benefit from service in English and ultra-fast response from our knowledgeable team. We also take care of any special needs that might arise due to your foreign citizenship and ID papers - issues that often slow customers down when they try to set up their telecoms in a regular high-street store.

Get help selecting the best package for you

We know the Swisscom offer by heart and will point you in the right direction. We'll also make sure to include any current Swisscom deals. 

You'll have flexible cancellation terms

What happens if you have to leave Switzerland in a few weeks' time? The standard cancellation term for utilities in Switzerland is 3 months, and many telecoms contracts require a hefty penalty if you want to leave early. Thanks to Packimpex, you'll benefit from flexible cancellation conditions. 

You benefit from all the latest Swissom deals

Looking for the perfect Swisscom plan? No need to search through pages and pages of offers: let us help you find a deal that fits your needs like a glove!

Get me connected to Swisscom

Swisscom is Switzerland's best network, according to its customers

Swisscom has been time and time again voted Switzerland’s favorite telecom provider and best mobile network. Enjoy ultra-fast home internet, crystal-clear home phone lines, and the mobile network with the best coverage. 

These are your top benefits with Swisscom:

Above & beyond customer service in a language you feel comfortable with

Award-winning customer care, highly responsive technical support, and all documentation (services, contracts, invoices, etc.) in English, German, French or Italian. 

The best choice for TV channels in multiple languages

The amazing Swisscom blue TV offers more than 300 channels in three dozen languages, 6000+ films on demand, Netflix and much more. No other TV provider is as expat-friendly as Swisscom.

The simplest subscription plans

blue packages are easy to understand, and if your needs change, you can modify your plan at any time. If you choose to order both blue Home and blue Mobile you will get a discount of at least CHF 20/month depending on how many subscriptions you need.

«For expats looking to settle in Switzerland, getting connected can be a hassle. But with me and Swisscom on the job - it doesn't have to stay that way! I'm proud of our partnership; we make sure new arrivals are online quickly so they can start settling into their new home right away - no waiting around necessary! And why choose Swisscom? They not only offer a great network with wide reach throughout the country, but also provide top-notch customer service for any questions or issues you might have. Plus an added bonus when leaving: it's easy to cancel at any time – now that's a giant advantage!»

Ellen Mügge, Manager Smart Admin Packimpex

You're only a few steps away to get connected to Switzerland's best telecom provider. Once we receive your  request...

  • We'll contact you within 1 working day to understand your needs and advise on the most suitable package.

  • Once you choose the best package for you, we'll get to work and take care of all necessary admin on your behalf. You don't have to worry about getting your SIM or TV box delivered to your door, or having an electrician dispatched if need be. 

  • Once all details are agreed, you'll get your finalised quote for Swisscom services, then your contract, router, SIM or TV box will be mailed to you. Simple, easy, hurdle - free. 

What our customers say

''Many thanks for all your support in making this happen so quickly. It has been a pleasure collaborating with you all'' (Evangelos)

''Indeed outstanding customer support, thank you! Dear Packimpex, many thanks for the connection!!'' (Tetiana)

''Thank you very much for your help. I received the router and connected it successfully. The whole process was seamless, very quick and easy thanks to your help'' (Dimi)

''I’ve had a fantastic experience with Packimpex and greatly appreciate their assistance with helping me set up my cell phone plan. Communication was very timely and my representative was very patient with me as I tried to figure out the best option and plan for my situation. I would recommend every expat try Packimpex to help ease their transition and take one less worry away'' (Emily)

Get me connected to Swisscom