Top summer activities on and around Mount Titlis
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Top summer activities on and around Mount Titlis

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Mount Titlis in Engelberg, near Lucerne, is a place of adventure. The only high altitude glacier in central Switzerland, Titlis has it all: from ziplines, boat rides, suspension bridge and a beautiful ice cave, your summer in Titlis will be packed-full of exciting things to do and see.

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Fun facts about Mount Titlis

Besides being the only high-altitude glacier in Central Switzerland (at 3,020m), there are a few other things that Titlis is known for: its rotating cable car, Rotair, which is actually the world's first rotating cable car and its Titlis Cliff Walk, which is the highest elevation suspension bridge in Europe. Another fun fact is that the geographical center of Switzerland is situated about 15 kilometers west of the mountain. Pretty cool, right? Once you visit Titlis, you can actually say you've been to the very center of Switzerland, well,... give or take 15km. 

Mount Titlis and the entire Engelberg area is a well loved holiday destination in Switzerland - the scenery is gorgeous, there's never a dull moment, plus the glacier is simply impressive. Let's discover the main highlights on and around Mount Titlis: 

Top summer activities on and around Mount Titlis

Around Mount Titlis you'll find amazing hiking trails with breathtaking panoramas, intense mountain biking trails and via ferratas.

Many of these you can find in Engelberg, the largest winter and summer holiday destination in central Switzerland. The rustic village features a famous monastery from the 12th century, while offering a wide variety of holiday activities for families, newcomers, and those in the know.

We've hand-picked some of the top summer activities for an action-packed holiday:


Titlis Cliff Walk, highest suspension bridge in Europe

The view on Titlis Cliff Walk is amazing © Titlis/ Engelberg; Oskar Enander


3,041 meters above sea-level. 500 meters off the ground. 150 heart-pounding steps. This is what awaits you on the TITLIS Cliff Walk, the spectacular suspension bridge high up on the summit. To cross the bridge, you'll need nerves as strong as the steel cables from which it hangs.
After walking through the Glacier Cave, the route leads you through an underground tunnel and on to a viewing platform. From here the suspension bridge stretches all the way to the Ice Flyer chair lift station. The TITLIS Cliff Walk holds the record for being the highest suspension bridge in Europe.

If you dare to walk on it, you’ll have a magnificent view of a horizon full of sharp snowcapped peaks, including the tallest mountain in Switzerland, the Dufourspitze. See what it's like to stroll on the Titlis Cliff Walk.


Explore the TITLIS Ice Cave

The temperature in the ice cave is a cozy -1,5 degrees Celsius © Titlis/ Engelberg; Roger Gruetter


Take a trip into the past with a visit to the Titlis Ice Cave, also called the 'glacier grotto': the beautifully illuminated ice cave under the glacier is over 5000 years old! See what it's like to walk through millenial ice.


Snowtubing in summer?? Yes, at the TITLIS Glacier Park

Yes, we confirm, this photo was taken in summer at the TITLIS Glacier Park © Titlis/ Engelberg; Roger Gruetter


All kinds of exhilarating snow activities await in the glacier park in summer, from May to September. Whiz down the snow toy run on one of our fun sit-skis, snake gliss or minibobs and let our magic carpet conveyor belt whisk you quickly and easily back to the top. 

Find out what's fun to do at the TITLIS Glacier Park in summer.


Down the mountain, the gorgeous Trübsee

Row your boat on Trübsee © Titlis/ Engelberg; Roger Gruetter


Trübsee, or Lake Trub, is a turquoise piece of heaven at the foot of Mountain Titlis. Grab a boat or rent a kayak and enjoy the peaceful surroundings and the untouched nature.

Good to know: The boats are free to use, if available, but a small donation of 10CHF is highly appreciated for their upkeep - find the donation box near the jetty. 


Zipline your way to Lake Trüb at TITLIS Adventure Park

Why walk when you can zipline? © Titlis/ Engelberg; Roger Gruetter


At Trübsee or Lake Trüb, halfway up the mountain, adventure awaits. In summer you'll find ziplines, rowing boats and a Bag Jump tower. In winter, snowmobile rides, first time ski experiences and snow adventures.

Our tip: If you want to get to Trübsee faster and way more fun than hiking, then buckle up and take to the air. The Trübsee Flyer zipline takes you on a 500m super fast run from Trübsee Alpine Lodge to lake Trüb. Up to two people can fly next to each other. 

Find out more about the TITLIS Adventure Park.


Family time: on the trail of Schmuggli

The Trübsee adventure playground is full of lovely surprises © Titlis/ Engelberg; Roger Gruetter


The Schmuggli adventure trail is based the local story of Engelbert the smuggler and his mule, Schmuggli. Using the smuggler's map, kids can search for various objects at six stations around the lake, visit the new smuggler's play area and enjoy a picnic at the trader's camp. Once the puzzle has been solved, each child will receive a gift at the cable car valley station. 

New: Schmuggli's world of adventure has been enriched with a new attraction: a new puzzle trail - Schmuggli's Sbrinz Trail - is being created on the mountain hiking trail from the Hüethütte to the Untertrübsee alpine cheese dairy. Here you will solve tricky riddles during a 1.5-hour hike and, with a bit of luck, uncover Schmuggli's secret writing. The new trail opens July 2022.

Our hiking tip: 4 lakes trail

This view of Lake Tannen is stunning © Titlis/ Engelberg


This is one of the most beautiful panoramic hikes in Switzerland and combines everything you want from a hike in the Alps: varied trails, fantastic views, crystal blue lakes and cozy mountain huts that invite you to take a break. Its highlights include the imposing mountain scenery centred on the mighty Titlis, the flora, glassy Lake Trüb, deep blue Lake Engstlen, turquoise Lake Tannen, picturesque Lake Melch and the views of the distant Bernese Alps. With its pure walking time of 6.5 hours, the four lakes walk calls for a good level of fitness. Incorporating all the cableways cuts the walking time down to two hours. Alternatively, you can make this two-day trip and spend the night in one of the guesthouses on the way. Find out more here.

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