Working in Switzerland as a Contractor
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Working in Switzerland as a Contractor

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Contractors working on assignment in Switzerland are required to work through a SECO-licensed payroll company. Under Swiss law, they become your employer for the duration of your assignment through them – this is very good news, as it means that you are sure of receiving the same employment protection as a Swiss employee, while retaining the freedom of choice and good pay rates associated with contract work.

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Accurity is a long-established payroll provider working throughout Switzerland. Fully licensed and approved by SECO (the federal government office responsible for employment and economic affairs), Accurity ensures contractors are fully supported from the moment the first enquiry is raised. If you are looking to work in Switzerland, or you are based in Switzerland providing services to clients abroad, Accurity will ensure you can work safely and benefit fully from your assignment.

Accurity makes contracting safe and easy for you and your client.

Choose the right payroll provider

Not only must your payroll provider be licensed by SECO (and you can check directly on the official SECO website whether the company you are considering holds a valid, current licence), you also need to make sure your payroll provider offers the following:

  • Salary payments on time, without waiting until the client has paid

  • Transparent payroll statement showing employer and employee deductions

  • A realistic financial estimate before contract signature which allows for holiday time

  • A good overview of the full value of the contract, including pension benefits

  • A willingness to answer queries at any stage of your assignment

Accurity ensures all contractors considering contract work in Switzerland receive a personalised financial estimate and a full explanation by phone/video call (or if this is not possible by email) of what living and working in Switzerland entails. It is not just your payroll that matters – Accurity want you to be comfortable with your decision to live here as well.

Many of Accurity’s staff have experienced the move to Switzerland at some stage in their lives. They act as the human face of Swiss bureaucracy and guide you through the process of integrating, so you can enjoy the best of what Switzerland – and your contract – has to offer.

Legal and financial security

Accurity ensures you are properly registered for state benefits and insurances, so in the event you cannot work due to illness or accident you receive the full income benefit support and (in the case of accident) medical support and cost coverage available to Swiss residents. Accurity also offers tax optimisation and advice on pension options to maximise your retention rates.

«Whether you are an experienced contractor or moving to Switzerland to work as a contractor for the first time, Accurity is here to look after you and your employment needs.»

Nicola Clothier
CEO, Accurity GmbH


The value of personal service

All too often, contractors are seen merely as productive work units. We treat you as an individual and work with you to recognize your needs, establish your priorities and also take into account the requirements of any immediate family affected by your work situation.

Many of our contractors have settled in Switzerland permanently, not just for financial reasons but also as a lifestyle choice, and whether your stay here is long or short, we do our utmost to ensure you enjoy your time while working with us.

We support contractors across all industry sectors right across Switzerland and very much enjoy meeting our diverse and talented Accuriters!

Getting a work / residence permit sorted, opening a bank account, helping you find accommodation – all this and more is part and parcel of our commitment to getting you settled in smoothly, with the minimum disruption to your life.


Contact Accurity

For us, no two days are ever the same: we might be answering calls about a new major project from a Swiss client, dealing with queries from a partner recruiting agent or helping a new arrival import his or her pets and household belongings.

Our international team are very friendly, many of them have also been new to Switzerland at one stage or another in their lives, so they really understand and sympathise with the logistical challenges posed when you are trying to get settled into a new job, and a new way of life at the same time.

We really enjoy our work and anyone visiting our office is sure to receive a very warm welcome!

If you are a contractor, client or recruiter interested in learning more about the services and support Accurity can offer you, feel free to contact Accurity for more information.

Any information you supply us, is treated as strictly confidential and we will be happy to share our knowledge with you.

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