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There are around 60 health insurers to choose from in Switzerland. As a newcomer it can be confusing, even before it comes to choosing the best health insurance solution for you. We’re happy to help. Click below, sit back and rest easy knowing you’re in good hands. An insurance advisor will call you as soon as possible and answer any questions you may have.

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Switzerland has one of the best health insurance systems in the world – make sure you take advantage of it.


New to Switzerland? You’ve no doubt been faced with the following scenarios:

  • Struggling to choose the best health insurer for you: Basic health insurance is compulsory in Switzerland and you have to choose a health insurer within the first three months of arrival.

  • Getting to grips with the Swiss healthcare system: The Swiss healthcare system is complex and can be hard to understand when you move here from abroad. You can choose from different deductibles (franchises) for basic insurance. These in turn have an impact on the monthly premiums that you pay to your health insurer. As there is no one-size-fits-all solution, you have to choose the deductible that best suits your needs. 

  • Understanding the jargon: Getting to grips with a completely new system is hard enough without having to do so in a foreign language.

Most expats opt for the cheapest solution. However, this can mean that they end up paying more benefits out of their own pockets than is really necessary. Don’t make this mistake. Once you’ve chosen an insurer, you can’t change again until 1 January the following year. 

It makes sense to choose Switzerland’s most popular health insurer right from the start.

Sanitas is one of the best health insurers in Switzerland. This isn’t corporate hype – it’s feedback from over 800,000 satisfied customers. For several years, Sanitas has secured a top 3 spot for customer satisfaction in independent surveys.


Want to find out more about how Sanitas will help you? We’ll be happy to explain.

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Benefits when you choose Sanitas as your health insurer:

Comprehensive support in case of illness

Sanitas Case Management is on hand to help in difficult health situations – and it’s free of charge. For example, your personal case manager will organise transport to places of treatment or residence, inform relatives, arrange medical aids or consult with your doctors.

Quick and straightforward

With Sanitas, you can complete administrative tasks, such as changing your address, reporting an accident or adjusting your deductible, in record time – either online or directly in the Sanitas Portal app.

Fit for your needs

The right insurance model whatever your requirements: whether you want a free choice of doctors, 24-hour hotline for medical advice or optimum flexibility – you choose the basic insurance model that suits you best.

Strong network of partners

Sanitas enters into strong partnerships to ensure you stay healthy or quickly regain your health. This also has financial benefits for you.


Does this sound like the right option for you?

Click below and we’ll be in touch as soon as possible to help you choose a basic health insurance model that suits your needs.

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