Health Insurance in Switzerland
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Health Insurance in Switzerland

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Health insurance is mandatory in most European countries – and Switzerland is no exception. You have to take out basic health insurance within three months of your arrival. And, as the health insurance covers all costs retroactively, the insurance starts from your date of entry into the country. This means you’ll have to pay for all three months regardless of when you sign the insurance contract, so it’s a good idea to take out insurance as soon as possible. Otherwise, you may end up paying three monthly amounts premiums at once.

Good to know: You can change your Swiss health insurer once a year, with termination due by the end of November.

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What you need to know about Swiss health insurance

  • Basic health insurance is compulsory for anyone living and working in Switzerland.

  • Within three months of your arrival, you have to prove that you’ve taken out basic health insurance.

  • There’s no advantage in waiting until the third month to take out a contract, because basic insurance is effective retroactively from your date of entry. So, if you wait three months until you take out basic health insurance, you’ll have to pay all three months at once.

  • Basic health insurance covers part of the costs for illness, accident and maternity. If you want higher costs to be covered or more comfort during a hospital stay, for example, you can take out supplementary health insurance.

  • If you work more than eight hours a week for the same employer, you are insured against accidents through your employer. In this case, you can remove accident cover from your basic health insurance policy.

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