Pregnant in Switzerland: what you can expect from your health insurance
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Pregnant in Switzerland: what you can expect from your health insurance

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Are you expecting a baby? Or do you want to start a family? Congratulations! If you’re new to Switzerland, you no doubt have some questions relating to pregnancy and health insurance, such as: what costs does my health insurance cover for pregnancy? Should I take out supplementary insurance for my baby before the birth?

In this article, we explain what you can expect from your health insurer.

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Our top tip if you’re already pregnant: take care of administrative matters with your health insurer and your gynaecologist or midwife straight away.

Next steps if you’re pregnant

  • Choose a gynaecologist and book your first check-up. Your doctor will usually inform your health insurer that you are pregnant. You will then receive confirmation from your health insurance company that the costs of your prenatal care appointments are covered, which means that you don’t have to contribute to the costs of maternity services

  • If you’re not yet pregnant but are planning a family, now would be a good time to think about taking out supplementary health insurance. Why? Basic health insurance covers the statutory benefits during a normal pregnancy. But if you want extra benefits and a higher level of comfort, we recommend taking out supplementary insurance. 

What costs are covered by basic health insurance?

  • Up to 7 check-ups before the birth

  • Up to 2 ultrasounds

  • If the doctor deems the pregnancy high risk: costs for additional check-ups

  • CHF 150 for group pre-natal classes given by midwives

  • Full cost coverage for a stay on the general ward in a multi-bed room of a contractual hospital within your canton of residence during the birth

  • Full cover for the baby if it is healthy and remains with the mother in hospital

  • Up to 3 breastfeeding advice sessions conducted by a midwife or a specially trained nursing professional

  • 1 check-up between the 6th and 8th week after the birth

Which costs are covered by supplementary hospital insurance?

Higher cost coverage and free choice of hospital depending on the category of insurance (private or semiprivate). Hospital stay:

  • Natural birth: 5 days

  • Caesarean section: 6 days

  • Additional hospital benefits will be covered in the event of medical problems.

Which costs are covered by supplementary outpatient insurance?

  • Share of the costs for approved vitamin and mineral supplements Elevit pronatal and Andreavit

  • Share of the costs for antenatal and postnatal exercise classes

The best protection for your baby

It’s best to take out supplementary health insurance for your baby before it is born. Why? Because your baby will then have the best possible insurance cover from birth. You can apply for insurance after birth, but this involves restrictions.

What if the baby is born with a congenital defect?

Congenital defects are illnesses suffered from birth and detected up to the age of 5. These are clearly defined by the Swiss federal government and include defects such as a cleft palate and congenital deafness. Costs for any medical treatment are borne by invalidity insurance (IV) up to the age of 20. In this case, it is important to register your child with the IV invalidity insurance authority as soon as possible.

Sanitas maternity services

Sanitas maternity services offer support and advice all the way from planning a family to your child’s first birthday. This service is available exclusively to Sanitas customers and includes the following benefits:

  • Newsletters with helpful tips on all stages of planning a family, pregnancy and the first months with your baby

  • Medical hotline for expectant mums and a children’s health hotline

  • Handy budget calculator for families

  • Exclusive offers for you and surprise gifts for your baby

Any questions?

We’ll be happy to help you choose the right health insurance for you.

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