Spring in Switzerland: Top things to do
More amazing spring inspiration

Spring in Switzerland: Top things to do

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Spring in Switzerland is literally a breath of fresh air! Whether you're looking for family friendly activities, outdoor fun or a leisurely Easter weekend break, Switzerland has it all. Pack your bags and hit the road with Packimpex this spring. 

More amazing spring inspiration

Spring is the time of carnivals and traditional feasts like the famous Zurich Burning Snowman at the end of April. It's the time to admire flowers in bloom as Switzerland puts on a gorgeous flowery gown. From the daffodiles in Les Pleiades, to the cherry trees in Zug, from the irises at Chateau Vullierens to the Tulip Festival in Morges, you'll be amazed. Check out our top picks below.

Basel Art & Culture: must see and do

Let's discover the best art and culture spots in Basel, current exhibitions and other things to do to experience the best of Basel. 

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Ride on a panoramic train

Get aboard Switzerland's most famous scenic train from Zermatt to St. Moritz. The iconic Glacier Express awaits.

All aboard the Glacier Express

Dreamy Mendrisiotto: Ticino’s best-kept secret

When you think of Ticino, you instantly feel the Italian vibe and hear the palm trees rustling. Let's go beyond the surface - quite literally - and discover more about this fascinating region.

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Discover the real Switzerland at Ballenberg Swiss Open-Air Museum

If you're looking for the true soul of Switzerland, this is where you'll find it. 

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How to have an amazing summer in Vaud

Whether you are intent of discovering the best wines in Switzerland, intrigued by the history and canton Vaud’s many exquisite castles, wish to cruise across the waters on a paddle boat or happy hiking, you will fall madly in love with everything you see in Vaud. 

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Best Lausanne spots

Find out the absolute best summer spots and activities in the gorgeous city of Lausanne. Tried and tested by our very own Bruce Anderson.

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Need more inspiration?

Summer is just around the corner or maybe you'd like to be extra prepared and check out our tips for autumn and winter. No one yould blame you for doing that in Switzerland - quite the contrary.


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